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Create a master

Under iumio Framework, a master corresponds to a controller that will allow you to perform your various treatments of your application solution.
For more information on the MVC (Model Viewer Controller) architecture, here is a relevant link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model%E2%80%93view%E2%80%93controller
Each class name for a Master must end with the keyword “Master”. This keyword is a convention of iumio and allows the smooth functioning of the framework. In addition, if your class does not finish with this keyword, when creating a route via Mercure, your activity will not be identifiable by the fact that your “Master” will not exist.

For example, here are the names of “masters”:

  • DefaultMaster
  • HelloMaster
  • SecondMaster

Each “Master” must inherit the class “MasterCore” which allows him to have access to the method necessary for the development of your solution.

At each application creation, a default master (DefaultMaster) is created to support you in the creation of your web application.

All your masters must be in the “Master” folder of your application so that it is identifiable.

The namespace of your master must be built in the following way:


Each first letter of your namespace must be capitalized.


Master example