Your application structure

iumio Framework is based on the MVC architecture (Model Vue Controller). This architecture able to separate some layers.

Advantages :

  • Simultaneous development – Multiple developers can work simultaneously on the model, controller and views.
  • High cohesion – MVC enables logical grouping of related actions on a controller together. The views for a specific model are also grouped together.
  • Low coupling – The very nature of the MVC framework is such that there is low coupling among models, views or controllers
  • Ease of modification – Because of the separation of responsibilities, future development or modification is easier
  • Multiple views for a model – Models can have multiple views

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iumio Framework does not integrate the Model part (Soon with iumio Power8 ) yet

architecture of iumio Framework App

The app directory is divided into 4 parts :

  • Front directory : This directory contains views and assets necessary for your app
    • views directory : Contains your html template
    • Resources directory : Contains all assets required for your application
  • Masters directory : This directory contains all master class (controller class)
  • Routing directory : Contains all routes file for your application.
  • The App identifier file : This file is only here to identify your app by iumio Framework system

Another directory can be create : Locales. This directory contains all translatable file for each lang. You must to enable the locale feature on FGM if you want to use locale in your application.