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Framework Graphic Manager (FGM) purpose a dashboard page with essentials informations. It divided into 4 parts :


Framework dashboard


Framework Instance dashboard

The first block offer you informations about framework instance :

  • The name and version of the framework Edition
  • The installation date of your project
  • Where your project is located
  • The Unique Identifier of iumio Instance : This ID will be used for the future version of iumio Framework`
  • The current running environment
  • If the 404 event is activated in log file. By default, it’s disabled
  • If the 200 event is activated in log file. By default, it’s disabled
  • The core name : All major core version have a codename. The first version of iumio Framework was called SUN
  • The core version, stage and build number (stage will be RC or BETA or ALPHA)


If you would like to enable request 200 or 404 event, click directly on the status (Disabled or Enabled), a selector will be appear with two options : Enabled and Disabled. To save your choose click on save and the option is directly applicate.


200 & 404 block


FGM : u3i

If you would like to edit the unique identifier of iumio instance, click directly on it  and tap the new U3i. To save your new u3i click on save.


2nd block of FGM dashboard

The second block offer you informations about server informations :

  • Server type like Apache, Nginx
  • The PHP version (7.2 or higher)
  • The domain base url
  • The protocol version HTTP 1.0 or higher
  • The port : 443 for SSL, 80 for HTTP or other if your have a customized port
  • If the 404 event is activated in log file. By default, it’s disabled
  • And if you use the SSL protocol or not

The third block offer you last log event (limited to 10 item) :

3th block of FGM dashboard

Each log item have some informations like :

  • Log data
  • IP of the referer
  • The unique identifier of iumio exception : An identifier was generated for each log event. You can click on it if your would like more informations about the error
  • The event message

These log is only for the current executed environment. If you would like to get the log list for other environment, go to the logs menu section.


The final block offer you some frameworks statistics.


4th block of FGM dashboard


This block is divided into 3 parts :

General statistics

The first part show your the general statistics :

  • Application : How many app is installed on the framework instance
  • Application enabled : How many installed app is enabled
  • Application prefixed : How many installed app have a prefix
  • Routes : How many routes are declarated on each app
  • Routes disabled : How many routes are disabled. With Mercure, you can disable a route if you would like.
  • Routes with public visibility : How many routes have a public visibility. With Mercure, you can set a public visibility if you would like to use a route in javascript. Mercure integrate a route generator in javascript
  • Database registered : How many databases was registered in the framework instance. You can declare a new database configuration by follow this post


dev statistics

The second part show your the development environment statistics for logs events :

  • Request successful : How many request have a HTTP code 200
  • Event : the global event sum
  • Critical events : the sum of all critical events of type Fatal
  • Others events : the sum of all other event (404, 403, 401, etc)


prod statistics

The third part show your the production environment statistics for logs events as the same as development statistics but for the production.