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Framework Graphic Manager (FGM) purpose a logs page with essentials informations. It divided into 3 parts :

  1. Logs statistics for DEV/PROD environment

  2. Deferents options
  3. Logs list for DEV/PROD




The first and second block show your the production environment statistics for logs events as the same as development statistics but for the production.

  • Request successful : How many request have a HTTP code 200
  • Events : the global event sum
  • Critical events : the sum of all critical events of type Fatal
  • Others events : the sum of all other event (404, 403, 401, etc)


The second part if you want to clear the logs files you just need to click on “Clear logs for dev/prod”.


Finally the las part you have the logs list for development environment and the same but for the production.

This list give you many informations like:

  • IP referer
  • Date
  • Events Type
  • Method
  • UIDIE( Unique Identifier of iumio excetion)