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  5. install the standard edition of iumio Framework

install the standard edition of iumio Framework

It is simply to install iumio Framework Standard Edition.

To create your first app, make sure you are using PHP 7.2 or higher version and have an installated composer executable. If you cannot install Composer, download the composer.phar instead and put it on the root of the projet. (Download composer.phar)

Let’s create your new project with the standard edition :

use composer executable

composer create-project iumio/framework-se your_project_name

use composer.phar

/path/to/phpbinary composer.phar create-project iumio/framework-se your_project_name


These command will create a project on your_project_name directory and generate the framework directory architecture. All dependencies of iumio Framework SE will be installed on vendor directory.

This step install only your project directory. No app was created. Started on the second step.
Install your first app :
iumio Framework able you to create multiple app to have a better structure for your project.
The framework was installed a dependencies named framework-install which able to install your first application with a web interface.

Start your iumio Framework Project server

You have two possibilities :

  • You can install a web server like Apache or Nginx (see server compatibilities)
  • You can use directly the integrated web server on php


Use Framework Internal Server (FIS) :


iumio Framework SE have an dependency which able to start a web server directly with the command line :

To run your project :

  • Go into your root of your project : cd your_project_name
  • use the Framework Console Manager to run your project like php bin/manager server:start

A display message will confirm your of the server running and the url to go such as http://localhost:8000. Your will be redirected to the Framework Installer.


Use the framework installer


Image of framework Installer

When your would install your first application, you must to use the Framework Installer Web Tools.


Follow all steps of this installer to install your first app.

You have two possiblities with your app :

  1. Install the Framework Starter Theme with give you a default theme with html/css/javascript structure. You can delete it after
  2. Install without Framework Starter Theme so you app return you a JSON display.

This installation is guided.

Notice : Your application must not start with a number or a special character.

After that, your will redirect to your app.

Enjoy your first app with or without a themes

To install an other application, Go to the Framework Graphic Manager or Framework Console Manager